Savannah SCORE, which covers Statesboro is launching a series of six workshops this Fall all designed to give you tools to grow your business.

They are kicking off the series with a very relevant topic: “Building Your Brand in the Digital Marketplace” facilitated by Laura Iwanski who is currently serving as the Digital Media Sales Director for the Savannah Morning News and Bluffton Today.  She has worked in the Digital Media and Marketing space for almost ten years and has a passion for helping organizations navigate the complex digital media space to grow their brand and reach new customers. Laura holds a B.S. degree in Integrated Strategic Media and Psychology from the University of Kentucky.

The event will be held Thursday, October 25th 11:30am – 1:00pm at the SCORE Conference Room, 111 East Liberty Street in Savannah.

There is a $20 per session fee payable in advance or at the session. See SCORE web page for details at  or call the Savannah SCORE office at (912)-652-4335.

This first workshop in a series of six will introduce you to a range of platforms designed for the changing digital marketing world

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of Branding and Marketing and How It Is Changing in the Digital Space
  • The Consumer Journey Online
  • Solution in the Digital Space Available to Small Businesses
  • Prioritizing Ideas to Help Grow Your Business
  • What’s in the Future for Small Businesses Online

SCORE is the nation’s largest provider of free business mentoring and educational services. To schedule a free session with a Savannah SCORE business mentor, call us at 912-652-4334, go to our website at https//, or send an email to

DeWayne Grice

Herschel DeWayne Grice is the founder of Grice Connect an online news and information company in Statesboro, Georgia. DeWayne has been active in the media for over three decades. He brings a unique insight...